The only lip product you need this spring

As a beauty lover, I end up having a dresser full of various lipsticks. This spring? I'm sticking to one product. Yes, that's right, one product! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette is the best purchase you can make this coming season! This product comes with 18 shades (including the 3 primary colors, black and white). All these colors give you the chance to mix and match your own shades :)

When I think spring, I think of pinks, reds and the occasional purples. The "typical" spring colors are muted tones so think nude shades, light pinks and some reds. Spring is also for bringing out those bright colors after the winter season! For those who are a bit more adventurous, hot pinks, bright reds, and purple lip colors can be great :) With 13 various colors, 3 primaries and black and white, you can not only create the shade you like, but one that's perfect for your skin tone! As someone who has darker skin that significantly changes with the weather, it becomes very difficult to find a "nude shade" as the ones that are usually created are geared towards women with lighter skin. Here are some examples of spring colors already in the palette and ones you can mix together!

Pink - #12 in palette

Pinkish purple - Mix #9 & #12

Nude - Mix #2, yellow and white

I also love that this palette comes with a spatula and a mixing plate! These colors are EXTREMELY pigmented and have a matte finish. Keep in mind, these are not transfer proof but they are long lasting. They will stay through eating and drinking and not fade too much, but it will come off on food and glasses. Even though it is a matte finish, it is not drying at all which I love!

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If there's a color you guys would like to see, feel free to reach out to


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