Find the perfect lip color for you

Finding the perfect lip color to match with your skin undertone (that's right...undertone, not skin tone) can be trying, but the results can be incredible when done right! Keep reading to learn about the importance of skin undertones and how to choose the perfect lip color. 

Step 1: Finding your skin undertone

This is a very important step because knowing your skin undertone can be helpful in choosing clothes, makeup and jewelry that best suit you. One misunderstanding with undertones that I want to clear up is that you can have extremely light/fair skin and still have a warm undertone and vice versa (this is due to the fact that skin color is associated with environment and skin tone is associated with your ethnicity/background).

There are different ways to determine your skin undertone:

  1. Look at your veins under the light. Are they greenish or blueish? Green means you have a warm undertone and blue means you have a cool undertone. If you veins look green in some areas and blue in others, you have a neutral skin tone.
  2. Determine if gold jewelry or silver/platinum jewelry makes you skin look more radiant and glowing (remember this is what looks better, not necessarily what you personally like better). Gold jewelry means you have a warm undertone and silver/platinum means you have a cool undertone but if both work, then you have a neutral undertone.


Step 2: Choosing the right lip color

As you may have guessed by now, the best lip colors for those with warmer skin undertones are in the red/orange family. Lip colors still vary depending on skin tone. I have a neutral undertone (all colors should work) but cannot pull off an orange lip color due to my skin color!

Those with cool undertones should look for lip colors that have a blue undertone in them. This means when looking for that perfect red, ask what the undertones are - some have blue undertones and others have a warm undertone.

Light/fair: If you have light/fair skin and a warm undertone, focus on bright reds and oranges! Try to avoid anything too light or with yellow undertones or you can look washed out. Bright colors are a great way to add some flair to your makeup look. If you have light/fair skin and a cool undertone, bright reds also work for you but make sure to look for ones that have a blue undertone!

Olive: Most people with olive skin color usually have neutral undertones so most shades of pink, orange and red look good. This comes down to a more personal preference and shade of skin color. I am in between an olive and slightly darker skin tone so orange shades don't personally suit me too well. Because I have a neutral undertone, I also love pulling off bold colors such as green and blue :)

Dark skin: If you have dark skin and a warm undertone, deep plums, berries and dark reds look best on your skin! Avoid anything too light or you run the chance of looking washed out. Those deep reds look best and add some intensity to your makeup look! If you have dark skin and a cool undertone, look for the same colors as the warm undertone but ensuring it has a more blue base/undertone in the color.

Matching lipstick to your skin tone (1).png

All the tips above were mainly for lip colors in the orange/red/pink family. "Bold" colors (such as purple, blue or green) are typically better on those with cool undertones but as I will say again at the end, these are just guidelines and you should go out and wear what makes you feel confident!

If you are following these guidelines, then you might understand by now what looks good for those with warm and cool undertones. For those with neutral undertones, both gold and silver jewelry work and most lip colors also look great on you! The way to coordinate is to focus on the pairing itself. When you choose to wear gold jewelry, choose a warm lip color and when wearing silver/platinum jewelry, stick to more cool lip colors.

These are all just guidelines (some I don't even follow) so just go out there and wear the colors you love and the ones that make you feel the most confident <3 Comment below and let me know the color that makes you feel the most confident!


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