A festive look for the holiday

What better day to try out a fun lip trend than July 4th? It's a day of celebrating, partying and drinking! It's the perfect time to wear that crazy makeup look you have been dying to try out. Keep reading below to see my take on the fun July 4th lip art trend!

I know it doesn't look like the most practical option, but like I said, what better day to wear this around than July 4th? Now, the most important thing is to make sure you use lip colors that don't smudge to avoid the red, white and blue colors bleeding into each other. I would highly recommend using LipSense products when trying out lip trends because they are smudge-proof, water-proof and pretty much everything proof! 

I was in the process of buying these LipSense colors but wanted to get this post out before the holiday so you all can try it so I used: 

Steps to get this look:

  1. Always start by making sure your lips are moisturized! I use rose salve every night and morning to keep my lips smooth and then always put a few drops of the Farsali 24k rose gold elixir before adding any lipstick.
  2. After your lips are properly moisturized (make sure the products you applied have all been absorbed or the lip colors will come right off), start with the blue. The colourpop lippie stix dry very quickly so no need to wait before moving to the next step! Apply to half of your top and bottom lip (start in the center and work towards the corners).
  3. Apply the red to the rest of your lips. If you are using a liquid lipstick, make sure to wait for a bit to allow the color to fully dry or the white on top will mix to pink (If using LipSense, this is not a problem)! 
  4. Use a thin brush to apply the white stripes. Then use the same brush to dot circles on the blue side to represent the starts and you're all done :)

Thank you all for reading this post and I hope it provided some inspiration! 

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