Bring spring colors to your outfit and makeup

Spring is (almost) here….I say almost because I definitely don't consider it warm enough to be Spring! I am so excited for warmer weather so I can start sporting some bright colors. If you're staring at your closet and are afraid of pairing bright colors together randomly, have no fear!

My one tip: always keep a color wheel within reach of your closet! I have one on my vanity because it is extremely helpful when I'm trying out new lipstick colors and finding the best way to pair them with my clothes. There are five ways that color palettes are usually created, but below are the two basic ones to keep in mind when pairing bright colors:

  1. Complementary colors are two colors that are across each other on the wheel, such as yellow-purple and red-green. Using complementary colors can be a lot more adventurous because as you can see, these colors are opposite of each other.
  2. Analogous colors are any three colors that are side by side on the wheel. Some examples are: blue-purple-pink and yellow-green-blue. Going with the analogous method can be great because this color palette contains more similar colors and will be less "bold."

For this post, I chose to stick to the analogous method and went with one of my favorite color combos for spring: blue and pink! For Spring, a bright blue and fuchsia look great together :) I decided to take this one step further and incorporate the colors into my makeup as well!


I absolutely love this blue jumpsuit from Sugar Lips because it has a great print and is a perfect, bright blue! It is a beautiful, vibrant color. This is also perfect for someone like me who's legs get really cold even in warm weather because it covers your entire legs, but is sheer below the mid-thigh level so it's great for being outside or inside. With the print, color and the flared legs, I love the sophistication that comes with wearing this outfit! Pair it with a great pair of heels, and it's a perfect chic look for spring! To make this outfit pop more, I paired it with my bright pink clutch from Miraya. I absolutely love this bag because not only does it have great lace detail, it has such a unique square shape! Also, the top of the bag is magnetic so the metal strap stick to the top which is great because when I place it anywhere, I don't have to worry about the strap getting tangled or worse! Miraya has a great collection of clutches and other accessories so I would HIGHLY recommend checking them out :)

Outfit Details

  1. Sugar Lips jumpsuit (not available on site, find similar one here)
  2. Pink clutch 


With the warm weather, I always like to wear lighter makeup in Spring! To bring spring colors to my look, I focused on my lip color (is anyone really surprised :p). To match my bag, I knew I wanted to go with a bright pink but I definitely wanted to take this look one step further. Bold lips made a huge appearance on the runway for Spring 2017 and one fun way I thought to bring it to an everyday look is through subtle colorblocking. I wanted the two colors to be very close to each other because my whole outfit was already a ton of prints and bright colors so I did not want to add more to my lips. I went with a dark, brick red (Dose of Colors in Brick) and a bright pink (Colourpop in I Heart This Lippie). I love these two colors because once they dry, they are transfer proof for the most part so it's ok to wear outside. Also, if they do bleed into each other, these colors are similar enough that it wouldn't be noticeable to people on the street!

Makeup details

  1. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation
  2. Laura Mercier - Translucent loose setting powder
  3. Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Mascara
  4. Red lips: Dose of Colors in Brick
  5. Pink lips: Colourpop Lippie Stix in "I Heart This Lippie"

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