Beach tint for everyday lips

“Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting”

There's some situations that you don't wear lipstick for right? Wrong! I am so excited for this post because I think it truly shows how much I love lip colors :) You know those times that you avoid wearing lipstick because you don't want to seem overly glam/dressed up like the gym, grocery store and while travelling? Even though I love makeup, it's times like those even I want to avoid lipstick if I can because it's just not the right situation. Instead, I have switched over to lip tints and have never looked back :) They are AMAZING because they last forever, don't transfer and they offer a subtle color! Without any color on my lips, I always feel that they look "washed out" but of course, I don't want to wear lipstick to the gym. My current favorite tint? The Becca beach tint in raspberry!

It's great for those times you don't want to wear lipstick but still add some color to your lips :) You can see in the images above that the color is extremely subtle. They offer a good range of shades which offers more options for everyone to find their version of "subtle." I definitely wanted my lips to still stand out so I chose raspberry which is a deep, berry pink. The best thing about this product is that because the color is subtle, there's no concern about matching outfits. You can pair any color with almost any outfit :) I have worn this to the gym with my black leggings, a bright purple sports bra, to the grocery store in a purple dress and when travelling.

Without any lip color

Becca Beach Tint in Raspberry

It is a pretty small tube, but you need barely a drop to fill your lips so it lasts forever! One tip is to always use some sort of lip balm with this product. You will notice that when you put it on your lips, it can feel like you put glue on and be drying. I use Rose Salve from Sephora (a product I've been using for years). One tip I have is to apply the lip balm on top of the lip tint so make sure your lips are dry when applying the tint. If your lips have some rose salve on them when you apply the lip tint, it will feel more like lip gloss and come off when eating/drinking. If you apply rose salve on top of the tint, the salve might come off when eating/drinking as expected from vaseline but the color from the tint won't :) I have heard some mixed opinions about this product though so please comment below if you have tried it because I would love to hear your experience and if you have any recommendations for other lip tints! It's for both cheeks and lips so this product also have multiple uses :)

I absolutely love lip tints and it's the one product that I carry with me everywhere! 

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